The goal is to use solar as a less expensive option to buy energy!

Our residential solar division is one of the most innovative in the country. Our process is extremely simple and is designed to help you find the best option for solar in the industry. There is no one size fits all model of going solar. There are leases, power purchase agreements, ownership, financing, and community solar options out there. First and foremost we help you find out which options are available to you in your area. Secondly, we try to find which option is going to give you the lowest cost of energy when compared to your current electric bills.

Every home is different and everyone's financial situation is different. Team Solar stays agnostic to what option you choose.

A Team Solar consultant helps educate a client and narrow down the market to give you the best possible opportunity to go solar. 

Here is our process:

1. We discuss with you what your goals are and find out any pertinent information relating to going solar

2. We examine your sites opportunity to go solar and work with you to find the most optimal solar panel layout

3.We present to you the best options available and educate you on how they work

4. We help you decide what to go with and help you move forward!