What is it?

Team Solar is a Turnkey opportunity to invest into a large portfolio of solar projects.

Reasonable and relatively small amounts of input cash leads to large sums of long and sustainable positive cash flow!

A Team Solar investment is relatively simple. When someone goes solar they get subsidies and energy savings. However, many business entities cannot take advantage

of the available subsidies due to the way they were written or the nature of the incentive. This includes condominium associations, school systems, municipalities, and publicly traded companies. Historically, these entities would not be able to go solar due to barriers but Team Solar wouldn't take no for an answer. What we did is take multiple projects, bundle them and install them. We pass off some of the savings to the Host Business and the rest of the savings and subsidies go to the investors.

Our investors can be anyone. We employing a crowd investor model that allows benefits to be seen for anyone willing to buy a share which is currently $1000. Once the projects are installed we begin quarterly dispersing the profits to our investors. The returns are high, have low risk, and the payback is quick! 

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How Does it work?

This investment opportunity is relatively simple. An investor would buy a share. That share has a cost of $1000. An investor could buy as many as allotted purchasable for Team Solar but in the example below we refer to only 1 share purchased. When an investor buys a share they get 1 shares worth of a large portfolio of solar projects. When more shares are issued it means that we have brought more projects into the portfolio so your share values do not get diluted. Adding new projects increases the length of time in which you would get returns and also increase the amount you get in the short run. 

Once you have purchased a share for $1000 you are immediately entitled to a tax credit of 30% on that $1000. That means you can claim that on your taxes and get positive cash flow back. The second form of income is a return from the state of Massachusetts. This is a guaranteed incentive from the state and is accurately calculated per share below. The last form of return for each share is the income from the entities that we install solar on. They pay for the energy from the system at a discounted rate. Because a large part of our return is based on the income from these entities, we have taken an insurance policy that protects us from default. This means that the three areas of income are all protected. 

Below is an example of the return. 

  Return Example for 1 Share ($1000 per Share)
Year Tax Credit Subsidy Income Insured Income Total Cash Flow
0 $300 $34 $52 $386
1   $32 $53 $85
2   $30 $54 $84
3   $29 $55 $83
4   $27 $55 $82
5   $25 $56 $81
6   $23 $57 $81
7   $22 $58 $80
8   $20 $59 $79
9   $18 $60 $78
10   $16 $61 $77
11   $14 $62 $76
12   $13 $63 $76
13   $11 $64 $75
14   $9 $65 $74
15   $7 $66 $73
16   $5 $67 $72
17   $3 $68 $72
18   $1 $70 $71
19   $0 $71 $71
20   $0 $72 $72
Total $300 $338 $1,289 $1,927

The chart only shows 20 years yet the returns would last longer than 20 years. In this example you just about double your money in 20 years. The real benefit though is that you are getting cashflow throughout that timeframe which makes it liquid. You can also chose to reinvest your returns and accumulate significantly larger cashflow returns.

Additionally, all ongoing costs are already calculated in this model and any costs long term would come out of Team Solar margin.


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Team Solar Investor

Warren Birch

Team Solar Investor

I wish I put more money into my team solar project. My return has been high and the consistent payout makes it really attractive. I've already made my money back and will continue to make money quarterly for the next 17 years. There is no doubt that I will invest my profits again into the next team solar round.