Why solar hasn't worked before?

In order to profit from solar in a reasonable amount of time you need to utilize the subsidies. If the investor of the solar project can't use the major tax credits and subsidies then they aren't able to get the valuable returns from solar. 

This typically comes down to the tax credit. The current federal tax credit is a 30% ITC on the total project cost from solar. Not for profit entities aren't able to utilize this to their advantage because they have no tax liability. That takes away 30% of the financial return of solar system... not fun.

Why does solar work now?

Team solar is on the case

The best part about team solar is our ability to be innovative and our inability to ignore the disadvantage from not for profit organizations. So here is what we did. We started raising money to invest in projects for non profits. This means that when you want to go solar that we will pay for it. This allows us to give you a monetary benefit and we can monetize the incentives. 

This ability to go vertical in the industry has opened the door to go solar. 

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