James Neal-1
James Neal
Co-Founder & CEO
"To work at Team Solar means to be constantly contributing to a better world. We are educating our clients on the best economic ways to purchase energy while fueling a mission that promotes sustainability. Team Solar is constantly breaking down barriers to adopting solar and is a perfect fit for any candidate that believes in spreading our positive message. Working with us means you are an Eco-warrior and want to support our clients in a pragmatic and financially responsible manner. Everyone that works a Team Solar is highly intelligent, motivated, and passionate. We are excited to have you Join the Team!"

Current Opportunities

Who doesn't want a career in Green Tech! We mission to always be striving for sustainability and we love unique and helpful ideas. We would love for anyone with an entrepreneur mindset to help us build this renewable  investment evolution!


Please be aware that our open opportunities are in the start up portion of our business and that these roles are an integral part of our growth. All candidates must be extremely motivated, have a heavy interest in the business and an intense passion for sustainability. 


Sales Consultant

      This is an extremely dynamic role that focuses primarily on large account aquisition. This role is the connector between any Team Solar client to our back end solutions.

Marketing and Sales Support

     This position is primarily business development and is seeking a candidate that can help trigger rapid growth of Team Solar. 

Accountant and controller

    This position will not only be an internal controller but will also help prepare large investment analysis reports. 

Investment Manager and Fundraiser

     This position will be in charge of our fundraising as well as develop a strong investor database.


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