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James Neal
Co-Founder & CEO
"To work at Team Solar means to be constantly contributing to a better world. We are educating our clients on the best economic ways to purchase energy while fueling a mission that promotes sustainability. Team Solar is constantly breaking down barriers to adopting solar and is a perfect fit for any candidate that believes in spreading our positive message. Working with us means you are an Eco-warrior and want to support our clients in a pragmatic and financially responsible manner. Everyone that works a Team Solar is highly intelligent, motivated, and passionate. We are excited to have you Join the Team!"

Current Opportunities

Who doesn't want a career in Green Tech! We mission to always be striving for sustainability and we love unique and helpful ideas. We would love for anyone with an entrepreneur mindset to help us build this renewable  investment evolution!

Please be aware that our open opportunities are in the start up portion of our business and that these roles are an integral part of our growth. All candidates must be extremely motivated, have a heavy interest in the business and an intense passion for sustainability. 

About the Company
Team Solar is a mission based green start up that expands the environmental and economic advantages of solar to new markets. Team Solar specializes in project origination, brokerage and development services that allow more clients to benefit from green energy. Team Solar has been in business for 4 years and has a combined industry executive experience of 16 years.
- Working at Team Solar
Working at Team Solar is about as fulfilling as it gets. Employees have a high income potential with a base salary while being a part of a thriving start up in a field that is helping make the world a better place. "We get to go home at the end of the day with money in our wallets and having helped make people more money through utilizing the worlds most sustainable form of energy." Working for a 'green' company has a direct correlation to happier employees. Team solar wants to create a holistic and positive work environment that is stimulating, educational, and most importantly revolves entirely around our mission.



Account Executive

      This is an extremely dynamic role that focuses primarily on large account acquisition. This role is the connector between any Team Solar client to our back end solutions.

About the role

An Account Executive role at Team Solar is currently the most vital position in the company. The role is designed to procure and acquire new B2B and B2C clients with Team Solar services. This can include some of the following. Generating Leads, Calling into Prospects, Consistently moving clients through pipeline, Liaise between customers and Team Solar partners, Present various product and service offerings to clients, Conduct and report account planning strategies, and accurately detail client information in CRM. Account Executives will primarily perform sales inside but may occasionally need to travel to various markets to close larger more profitable deals. The renewable energy field is consistently evolving and most markets are different from one another, this is referred to as the "Solar Coaster". An executive would need to be able to rapidly pick up new information and relay it to clients when necessary. Executives will also need to transcribe market necessary information to the rest of the Team Solar for better product development and marketing purposes.

Salary + Commission + Bonus

Skills and Qualifications needed to perform the role
1. A Team Solar Account Executive must be a fast learner and thoroughly enjoy learning new concepts, skills, and technologies.
2. Highly motivated with passion for sales and green technology
3. Superb Interpersonal skills with the ability to quickly establish rapport with customers and co-workers
4. Ability to collaborate and with well within a team
5. Excellent communication and organization skills
6. Advanced problem solving and negotiation skills
7. Competency in learning various software (excel, google suite, hubspot, salesforce, zoom, pandadoc)
8. A strong positive energy
9. Proven ability to perform in a sales environment
10. A measurable track record of ability to set up appointments, conduct demonstrations, move prospects through a pipeline, demonstrate value, and close deals
11. Ability to constructively take feedback
12. Interest and capability of growing in the organization
13. Multi-lingual is a plus



     Team Solar is has equity available for the right investor or co-founder. We have potential buy-in opportunity or, more suitably, will provide a clear path to equity for the right skill set candidate. This would be any skill set that could take our company from 0 to 60 as fast as possible! Some highlighted potential equity positions are below.

Products Manager

         Our organizations is predicated off our ability to build back end relationships and create sustainable industry offerings for our clients. We are looking for a candidate who can consistently develop and procure product offerings that align with our goals as an organization. 

Investment and Finance Manager 

     This position will be in charge of our fundraising as well as develop a strong investor database.They will also manage our project by project finance investments and help with global strategic financial planning. 

Perks and Benefits:
Unlimited PTO
Serving a sustainable mission
Some ability to work remote
Fun work environment with people who are passionate about what they do
Great Start up culture
Upward Mobility
Equity Earning potential
Travel Potential


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