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Team Solar is made up of industry experts, solar enthusiasts, and even past customers. Every person is picked based on their passion to help bring solar to others in an educational format. This means that as a company we do not use aggressive means of advertising and we do not have a quota. 

Our goal is to have a consultation with every customer and educate them on solar solutions. We are ok to do that on our customers terms when they have free time. We believe that the available opportunities in the industry are strong enough and thus our goal is to spread the available information to the the entire country!

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Team Solar cares. They have clearly thought a lot about their business model because their financial offering fits ideally with not-for-profit organizations and small businesses. Their entire presentation revolves around their companies mission which was very comforting as a recipient. The transparency made the process easy to navigate and we felt confident with our decision. I would recommend Team Solar to anybody. 

Warren Birch Framingham, Ma

 Team Solar has a strong affiliation with Veteran groups such as the VFW and American Legion. We wish to urge any and all to support our Veterans as they continue to support us even when they are home from war.

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Team Solar always supports other sustainable companies.

Currently, we are spotlighting RIoBands!

Did you know rivers are the number one cause of plastics entering our oceans?

RioBands helps support river clean ups to prevent oceanic plastic waste! They have an unbelievable mission that can be defined in three words: Clean, Collect, and Re-purpose.

Be sure to check out their Three RIverways Program but also please Buy a Bracelet or Band to support their cause and urge others to do the same!

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Our Mission: To help spread the environmental and economic advantages of renewable energy to a broader market and serve a financial benefit to mission based organizations that need it the most.

James Neal
CEO & Founder
James Neal is the CEO of Team Solar and has 10 years of experience in the solar / energy industry. A graduate of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, James obtained his MBA from South University in Savannah Georgia. During graduate school, he worked for a not-for-profit that specialized in helping local companies save money by lowering their energy usage.
After graduation, James went into a sales role in the Solar industry, becoming the number one sales person in the country for the organization. He contributes his success to his passion to create an environmentally sustainable future.
James co-founded Team Solar in 2016 as a consulting firm to help clients navigate the complicated decision process of on-boarding solar. Team Solar has been thriving and the business model has evolved to help non-profits and small businesses see returns from their unused spaces through solar at no cost to them. Team Solar looks forward to a bright future with a mission to help promote the economic and environmental advantages from renewable energy.