Team Solar is helping people go solar everyday!

Is solar right for you? We can help you find out!

Find out if your business has available space for a solar project

Team Solar helps organizations realize which locations would provide them the best benefit. We identify unused land, parking lots, and roof space and propose the best available scenario to make money from the solar project. 


Identify how much extra income your business can make

When a solar system produces energy in can be monetized directly to your company's electric bill. The system produces a pure cash incentive on a monthly basis that allows a business to budget and perform better financially. 
I never thought we could go solar until Team Solar came out and showed me options specific to us. They analyzed everything and talked with me about what I needed. Now we have made over $4000 and it gets better every day!

Joyce Firth Mendon, MA


Solar incentives and options!

There are many options for going solar. Team Solar has even invented a couple. What we do best is advise on the best option for a specific organization. Once an option is selected, Team Solar will execute it on behalf of the client to perfection. 
Team Solar cares. They cared about us and our situation. They originally found that going solar was not the best option for us. However, they stayed in touch and checked in on us. When things change and some incentives opened up in my region they helped us go solar! They actually customized an option for us to be able to go solar. It was a huge benefit and we are still thankful.

Doug Dodge Marlborough, MA